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CSS Border Art - index

CSS Graphics with Borders - Examples

Further to my article on CSS Designing with Borders I now have some feedback and will dedicate this page to showcase examples found or submitted.

CSS Border Design Challenge

Remember the challenge:- I invite you to let me know your favourite use of the border-property or show me what can be created. If you submit an article to me, with an example or link, I promise to try and feature your example and give you any appropriate credit. So what's stopping you? let your imagination run wild, and I look forward to hearing from you.

I'm also not too concerned with full cross-browser capability, especially the older ones. This is not an exercise in semantics or what the best way to something is.. it's for fun!

Note: I would prefer no Javascript, but you can use a little if you like and also you can use IE Conditional Comments if you wish. Thanks.