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The Parish Paper (8/2017)

What Promotes Hope?

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The Parish Paper (7/2017)

How Can We Help Immigrants?

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The Parish Paper (6/2017)

Ministry in the Midst of Tragedy

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The Parish Paper (5/2017)

Financing the Local Church: What Does It Cost?

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The Parish Paper (4/2017)

Small Is Big Again: Reclaiming Small Church Ministry

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The Parish Paper (3/2017)

Guide to Good Governance

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The Parish Paper (2/2017)

How Do Congregations Respond to Interfaith Couples?

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The Parish Paper (1/2017)

Conquering the Cutback Syndrome

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Protecting Your Ministry (From Sexual Orientation Gender Identity Lawsuits)

Synod provides legal guide amid increased intrusions

Attached is a booklet which is the result of a collaborative partnership between the LCMS and Alliance Defending Freedom. "Protecting Your Ministry (From Sexual Orientation Gender Identity Lawsuits)" is a legal guide for LCMS congregations, schools and ministries. Please read through this entire booklet carefully to understand the full scope of the issues and how you can protect various ministries.

Conflict of Interest Statement

Conflict of Interest statement for board members and staff

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Witness & Outreach Sentences Word Doc

Witness and Outreach Sentences for 2015 from the English District Evangelization Committee

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Minutes - June 20, 2015

Convention Minutes from Saturday, June 20, 2015

PDF icon July 20, 2015 Convention Minutes.pdf49.47 KB

June 20, 2015 Addendum

Minutes from June 19, 2015 and reworked resolutions from Committee #1

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Dr. Joel Lehenbauer - Theological Convocation

The Mission of Christ's Church in an Age of Moral Collapse

June 19, 2015 Addendum

June 18, 2015 Convention Minutes

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June 18, 2015 Addendum2

Bio for Rev. R. Wayne Morton

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