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June 18, 2015 Addendum

Resolutions changed as a result of the open forums.

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Call Consideration Guidelines

Guidelines to assist Commissioned Ministers

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Commissoned Minister Checklist

A detailed checklist for calling a commissioned minister.

Calling a Commissioned Minister

Step by step guidelines for calling a Commissioned Minister.

Financial Planning Form

The focus of a narrative financial plan is to describe your ministries and what you plan to accomplish with the financial resources available to you. A narrative financial plan attempts to integrate several items: Mission statement, visions, goals and financial allocations for ministries. The information provides justification for dollar requests and describes your plan for next year and its cost.

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Mission Plan Guidelines

Launching a new church is not an easy endeavor. I've never met a new start missionary who has not talked about both the joys and the struggles of launching a new church. Many describe periods of intense spiritual warfare. The last thing the evil one wants to see is people coming into a relationship with Jesus Christ. The English District celebrates your desire to become a missionary to the non-Christian people in your area.

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